The Aesthetics of Solar

The Aesthetics of Solar

Renton, WA install – Solaria Solar panels are the second cutest thing on this home, Zoe the schnauzer being the first of course.

Although the most important aspect of a solar panel will always be the wonderful green power it produces from the sun, there is no denying that aesthetics really do matter to many homeowners. We have come a long way from early panels that were only installed by the most environmentally conscious type, and solar is now a mainstream feature seen around the world. With the variety homes and clientele that inquire about going solar, a question and a challenge always arise:

How will it look???

The short answer is, of course, fantastic!

Seattle, WA install – Silfab Solar panels were thoughtfully installed to mirror rooflines and blend in nicely on this craftsman style home. Not pictured, the EV being fully charged by the power of the sun!

At Solterra, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients in every aspect. When it comes to design and visuals of solar installs, this means attention to detail and collaboration in the process. Slapping up as many panels as possible in every direction might be the goals of some, but most often it’s about finding the balance between performance and design. We also take great care with minimizing the visual impact of the electrical conduit that connects the solar panels to your electric panel. Even if it takes a little more time and material, running conduit under eaves, along downspouts, or through an attic is an obvious choice for the cleanest install possible. The goal of our Solar Design Consultants is to put together systems we would be proud to have on our own homes, not sell the most panels possible.

Seattle, WA install – This home utilizes Hanwha QCell XL panels, which due to their larger size, allowed Solterra’s designer to maximize the power density on this roof while still mirroring the roof lines. A cute dog is not required but encouraged for maximizing solar aesthetics.

As far as the actual panels go, we offer a variety for every scenario, and they all have a clean modern look. We are sure to discuss with our clients the benefits of each choice and show examples of previous projects. The panels usually sit a few inches off of the roof itself, but all you end up seeing is the panels, nothing underneath. In addition, when they are set next to each other in an array, it often just looks like one big panel, not being able to tell where one ends and another starts.

Seattle, WA install – Solaria Solar panels were installed on and off the roof (see awning mount on the middle of the southern wall) at this home to maximize energy yield. Clean lines working with the roof lines make this retrofit appear as an intentional part of the home design.

No request is too specific when it comes to the design. Whether it be not installing on the front of the house or staying far away from gutters, there is always a solution with Solterra. Interested in seeing more design-focused solar installations? Check out our gallery. If you interested in exploring a design for your home, call/text 206-462-1103 or fill out our form here.

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Colin Hutchins was always destined to work in the solar industry, it just took him a few careers shifts to figure that out. His appreciation for art and architecture make the design aspect of his job thoroughly enjoyable, and he loves finding a new neighborhood during a client visit. On his off days you can find him on a golf course, skiing down a mountain, or jumping in the lake. Being outside is what it’s all about, and solar will continue to make that possible for generations to come. 

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