Solterra Client Spotlight: Meet Karen T.

Solterra Client Spotlight: Meet Karen T.

Meet Karen T. – A Master Gardener and Competitive Rower with a passion for Green Energy! 

Karen’s system in Kirkland, WA uses Hanwha 340 panels.

To say that Karen loves the outdoors is an understatement.  She’s an avid hiker, skier, and a 12+ year WSU King County Master Gardener.  For the last four years, she’s also been on the Sammamish Rowing Association’s competitive Master’s rowing team.   

When Karen first became interested in solar energy, she was looking to offset her electricity consumption after adding AC to her home, and switching to an electric heat pump over the winter.   

“I live in a split level and face full West with plenty of Southern exposure.  With the increased electric load [from the AC and heat pump] – I knew solar was the way to go.” 

Karen is a born-and-raised Seattleite who loves where she lives, and plans to enjoy her home for many years to come.  

“Solar is a long-term investment that I know will eventually pay off monetarily, but for sure will pay off in doing my part to reduce my emissions. I love my new solar, and tell everyone about it.  Of course, the question is, ‘What are the payoffs in investment?’.  In my opinion, if you love where you live, and are going to stay for a while, solar is a no-brainer.” 

Her interest in helping the environment and reducing her emissions doesn’t stop with solar.  

“I added an EV charger and am trying out a Volt (so far so good!) and also bought an E-Bike (that is super fun!).  It was a big out of pocket winter, but when my AC goes on and my PSE bill stays low, there will be plenty of smiles at my house.” Karen’s first utility bill after her solar installation was down to just the setup fee – $7.50. 

Karen’s utility bill went from $96 (electric only) in December 2020 and $147 in January 2021 to $7.50 on her most recent bill after switching her heat pump from gas to electricity and installing solar.

Karen learned about Solterra through social media and her neighborhood blog.  After receiving a couple of bids similar in price, she went with Solterra because of the customer service.  “My Solar Design Consultant, Isaac, gave a great presentation, but I also loved the simplicity of the process: from the education of what solar can do (in which Isaac was very patient), to the electric issues, to the installation and follow up, Solterra made it EASY.  Solterra made sure everything would go as planned, and it did.” 

At Solterra, we are always striving to improve the customer experience while delivering the best products and design for your goals.   

If you are interested in learning more about how solar can work for your needs, get a free quote hereemail us at [email protected], or call or text 206-462-1103. 

The panels used on Karen’s home are Hanwha 340 panels.

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Paige (she/her) is the Solar Admin and Office Manager at Solterra Solar.  A Kentucky native, she’s fond of hiking, traveling, dinosaurs, and recently began roller skating.  When she isn’t in the office working on a solar project, she enjoys being outside or doing something creative (or both!).

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