Meet Sunny the Solterratops!

Meet Sunny the Solterratops!


Sunny the Sustainable Solterratops!

In a lush prehistoric valley in what is now the Pacific Northwest, nestled between towering ferns and ancient trees, lived a curious Solterratops named Sunny. Sunny was no ordinary triceratops; she was a champion of the environment, a guardian of the land, and a symbol of hope in a world where the earth needed saving. Unlike the other dinosaurs, Sunny didn’t just roam around munching on leaves and playing with her friends. Sunny had a mission – a mission to promote solar energy.

Sunny’s fascination with the sun began early on. From the moment she hatched from her egg, she would bask in the warm sunlight, feeling the gentle caress of its rays on her frilled collar. As Sunny grew older, her curiosity about the sun’s power deepened, and she started to observe the effects of a different kind of energy – fossil fuels.

One day, while exploring with her friends, Sunny noticed the detrimental impact of fossil fuels on the environment. The air was thick with pollutants, and the once-clear water was now murky and contaminated. Disturbed by what she saw, Sunny decided it was time to take action. With determination in her heart, Sunny embarked on a quest to spread awareness about the benefits of solar energy.

But not everyone was convinced. A group of skeptical dinosaurs believed that fossil fuels were more powerful and reliable. Sunny took this as an opportunity to learn more, and she set out to discover the stories of dinosaurs who had suffered due to the consequences of fossil fuel use. She visited a neighboring valley where the air was polluted and the land barren. There, she met elder dinosaurs who recounted the days of clean air and lush greenery.

Armed with these stories, Sunny returned to her valley with renewed determination. With passion and logic, she explained to the skeptical dinosaurs how solar energy was not only cleaner, but also abundant and a great long-term investment.

Sunny didn’t stop with her valley. She continued to educate, innovate, and advocate for solar energy, spreading its message to other valleys and beyond. Over time, the use of fossil fuels diminished, and the dinosaurs embraced cleaner, sustainable alternatives. The air became clearer, the water purer, and the land greener.

And so, with each solar panel installed, the legend of Sunny the Sustainable Solterratops lives on, a symbol of hope, a champion of clean energy, and a reminder that we all have a part to play in protecting our planet today and for future generations to come!

Solterra is thrilled to welcome Sunny to our team as our mascot and adorable advocate extraordinaire! Keep an eye out for her on future installs, she’s enjoying hanging out with our crew, customers, and members of the community.

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Paige Farris Kantrowitz (she/her) is the Project Coordinator and Service Manager at Solterra Solar.  A Kentucky native, she’s fond of hiking, snowboarding, traveling, dinosaurs, and recently began learning to shuffle dance.  When she isn’t in the office working on a solar project, she enjoys being outside or doing something creative (or both!).

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