Solterra’s October 2023 Photo of the Month Contest Winners

Solterra’s October 2023 Photo of the Month Contest Winners

Celebrating Creativity:

Solterra’s Photo of the Month Contest Winners (October 2023) 

As summer turns to fall, our dedicated team of solar installers continues their unwavering commitment to illuminating the greater Seattle area with the brilliance of solar energy.

After careful review, we are thrilled to announce the well-deserving winners of our October 2023 Photo of the Month Contest!


36.49 kW Solar Installation using REC 410W panels in Graham, WA. Submitted by team members Tim B., Aaron, Chom, and Panhnha. 

This image takes first place by beautifully capturing the intricate stages of a solar installation. Before the solar panels find their place, we witness the meticulous placement of rails and microinverters. The length of the rails is tailored to the roof’s unique slope as our dedicated crew prepares for the addition of solar panels. Once the panels are in place, the rails and microinverters are hidden, leaving a seamless, efficient solar system in their wake.

Before Panel Installation (Facing West)
After Panels (Facing East)
After Panel Installation (Facing East)


13.53 kW Solar Installation using REC 410W Panels in Seattle, WA. Submitted by team members Marvin, Mike, and Such.

Securing the runner-up spot for this month, this snapshot features a pristine array, with the sun’s reflection dancing across the solar panels. See if you can spot our mascot, Sunny the Solterratops! Our dedicated team truly excelled in achieving both a picturesque installation with a dash of whimsy – fantastic work, team!

Stay tuned for interesting new images in the upcoming months from our Solar Installation Photo of the Month contest! 

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Paige Farris Kantrowitz (she/her) is the Project Coordinator and Service Manager at Solterra Solar.  A Kentucky native, she’s fond of hiking, snowboarding, traveling, dinosaurs, and recently began learning to shuffle dance.  When she isn’t in the office working on a solar project, she enjoys being outside or doing something creative (or both!).

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