With hundreds of installations in the Pacific Northwest, going Solar has never been easier! Help the environment, improve your home’s value and save money.



A Smart Investment

With federal and state incentives, several low interest loan programs and a significant increase in home value, solar is an extremely safe investment to make. The cost per kWh of solar energy is already comparable to today’s utility rates, and electricity rates will only continue to increase in the future.


How Solar Works

Solar panels absorb energy from the UV rays of the sun. They will generate electricity on cloudy days as well as sunny days.


How Much
Does Solar Cost?

Solar has many benefits that make the investment a no brainer! Solar qualifies for a 26% federal income tax credit, a state sales tax exemption, it increases home value and can be installed for zero down. Whether you are looking for a smart personal investment, a way to improve the environment, or want to claim energy independence to protect yourself against rising utility rates – solar is the perfect answer.



Case Studies

See some examples of solar installations.



Our commitment to building unique buildings that people want to live and for in is the glue that bonds our team together.  We are a small group of people spread between Seattle and Portland and each of us brings important ideas and knowledge to the table.



Celebrating Creativity: Solterra’s Photo of the Month Contest Winners (Feb 2023-Aug 2023)

At Solterra, we believe the beauty of solar installations goes beyond their environmental impact. Over the past seven months, our “Solar Installation Photo of the Month” contest has captured the aesthetic of solar energy from a different perspective: our talented crews!


Tighe UreliusTighe Urelius
18:06 29 Aug 23
The entire experience with SolTerra has been nothing short of amazing. I have high expectations and they met or exceeded them at every turn. It's a refreshing experience to feel so good about a company's performance to give my highest endorsement!
Katie RobinsonKatie Robinson
19:21 15 Aug 23
Everything about our SolTerra experience was exceptional, from working with Kevin to pick out the system that worked best for our home to the amazing installers who were in and out in a flash leaving no trace behind. We have recommended the SolTerra team to everyone who has asked about our system.
Kalpana PatankarKalpana Patankar
06:11 10 Aug 23
Solterra team has exceeded my expectations in their way of handling my entire project of solar conversion from initial consultation to detailed orientation and implementation. I needed to upgrade my existing electric panel and they even added a last minute request to add a line to charge an EV. They completed ahead of schedule with very respectful workers who did an excellent job. I was fully equipped me to understand how the system works.I unhesitatingly recommend them to folks out there who are looking for a very professionalJob.
Max SutlinMax Sutlin
04:19 30 Jul 23
Did a great job from start to finish. Communicated very well. Handled an SCL variance requirement as quickly as possible to help avoid major delay. Overall very pleased and would highly recommend.
John MaltsbergerJohn Maltsberger
23:06 26 Jul 23
Beat the competitions price by almost half. Easy to work with. I am not usually happy with projects like this and these guys really did a good job. I’m happy! I highly recommend them.
James ClarkeJames Clarke
04:24 26 Jul 23
We recently had the pleasure of working with Solterra for the installation of 32 solar panels, two batteries and upgrading our electric panel at our home in Redmond, WA. Their service was exceptional thanks to the outstanding efforts of two individuals in particular: Service Manager and Project Coordinator Paige, and Electrician Tim.Solterra’s initial explanation and subsequent installation of the panels was painless and their team was great. We got quotes from other companies but went with them as their approach is professional, clear and they were up front about when they might be able to start work (good solar installers are backed-up). They quoted a start date in April but were able to start in February. We had major problems with PSE who delayed our project considerably despite Paige personally chasing them (sometimes daily) to get our project back on schedule, which was truly appreciated.Tim's expertise and dedication to our project was also clear.Our solar system went live in July and we’re now having fun tracking our production online with the Enphase app.In conclusion, our experience with Solterra has been outstanding and we highly recommend them to anyone considering the installation of solar panels.
Bill JukesBill Jukes
06:32 24 Jul 23
We had a PV system with battery backup installed. Solterra was great and designed a system to our needs as we learned more about the options. We ran into an issue with a system controller component after the installation of everything. This resulted in a longer than anticipated delay to get our system commissioned by PSE. Everything was addressed and we are super happy with our system.
Peter SchumacherPeter Schumacher
00:58 23 Jun 23
We had a great experience with Solterra. They were extremely helpful in working with us to determine the best v system for our house. Their installation crew was awesome -- efficient and friendly. We're very happy with our solar panels and watching our meter send back electricity to Seattle City Light!
Melvin L. GruschowMelvin L. Gruschow
21:23 10 Apr 23
SolTerra met or exceeded all of our expectations and lived up to their promises. They were willing to compromise on a due date in order to allow us to avoid an early withdrawal penalty on a banking issue. There was only 1 issue that we had with an installation feature and SolTerra resolved that to our satisfaction very quickly. They were also readily available to answer questions that we had regarding operation once the system was complete. The system has been in operation for somewhat over a year and our electrical bill has never been more that $14.00 which includes a minimum $12 or $13 simply for being hooked up to the grid. We're very happy with the system and with SolTerra.
Bernard TroyerBernard Troyer
16:45 03 Feb 23
Solterra has installed over four different solar systems for our amazing community non-profit program The BLOCK Project. They are great people and working with them has been very smooth, communicated and easy! We look forward to working more with them.
Luigge RomanilloLuigge Romanillo
01:30 10 Dec 22
We originally received a quote from another provider and something told us we should shop around. Boy am I glad we did. SolTerra not only came in Way Lower in cost, but we also got a bigger system. The professionalism displayed by Aimee and her team was top notch, and they kept us informed throughout the entire process. If you’re in the market for solar, I highly recommend giving SolTerra a shot at your business.
Mark vonEhrenkrookMark vonEhrenkrook
20:55 26 Nov 22
SolTerra was a delight to work with! They were so professional and helpful each step of the process. Every installer and electrician was very kind and willing to answer all of our questions. The office regularly communicated with is so that we were in the loop with the progress, permits and inspections. I cannot express how pleased we are with the process and final product. My wife and I HIGHLY recommend them for your solar installation!
Colby BlantonColby Blanton
23:39 26 Oct 22
I cannot speak more highly of SolTerra. After a door-to-door solar company came by with a high-pressured sales pitch, I decided to look into other options. I spoke with other neighbors who invested in solar, and I kept hearing amazing things about SolTerra.I got in touch with SolTerra, and the entire process was completely different compared to that fly-by-night door-to-door company. SolTerra was low stress, very clear, detailed, professional and easy to work with. They use high quality parts, with great warranties. They walk you through every step and make sure you feel comfortable with the entire process. They even got my solar installed nearly 2-months early!
Megan AltoMegan Alto
15:09 22 Jul 22
We used SolTerra for our solar installed. Kevin and his team were amazing to work with! Very responsive, patient, and explained everything wonderfully. We absolutely love our system!
Mark AinsworthMark Ainsworth
14:18 05 Jul 22
SolTerra did a fantastic job with our solar installation. The entire process was a great experience - professional, clear and timely communications, great customer service. They provided lots of information and options regarding what they could offer us, and I'm very pleased we went with them. In addition they were super helpful with financing with a partnership with PSCCU. The panels were install ahead of schedule and have been working flawlessly. We are extremely happy with the results!
Russ BRuss B
21:51 18 Nov 21
SolTerra recently installed my home solar panels. The service from their sales, admin, and installation personnel was excellent. The whole process from initial sales negotiations, contract signing, installation through initial operation went exactly as promised. There were no surprises. All questions and/or concerns were addressed satisfactorily in a timely manner. The high quality of installation work was quickly validated by county inspectors and subsequent connection to the power grid by the power company.All 27 panels are now working as advertised and producing electrical output even on rainy, cloudy days. On clear, sunny days they easily produce more electricity than we can use during daylight hours, so we're able to export energy to the grid for which we get financial credit.If you are considering the installation of solar panels to supplement your electrical power usage I highly recommend contacting SolTerra.
Ryan DarceyRyan Darcey
14:13 30 Oct 21
I had a great experience working with SolTerra to come up with a bid for both my solar project, but for reasons specific to my home's needs I ended up choosing another company. It was a tight race! I strongly recommend considering a bid from them. Great service, high quality hardware and competitive pricing.
Rebecca DietzRebecca Dietz
20:00 12 Oct 21
I have nothing but good things to say about this company. Solar is a “no brainer” and the folks at Solterra made the process easy. I’m so glad to be “feeding the grid” from my Wedgwood home and am thankful to Solterra for making it possible in WA state.
15:58 01 Sep 21
Solterra has been fabulous to work with, especially their CEO Aimee. Customer service is fast, and knowledgable.Thank you Solterra Team
jan raak nov2020jan raak nov2020
21:31 31 Aug 21
How it started. The SolTerra consultant did not come for the appointment nor did give a call!How it improved:SolTerra responded to this review. The second appointment was successful. Kevin introduced the options clearly.Will I choose them? I don't know yet. Considerations:* Pricing. SolTerra is about 10% more expensive.* Use of a lien: I don't want to assume SolTerra's business risks. Once a contract is signed both parties have obligations.
Christy DavisChristy Davis
07:07 31 Jul 21
I enjoyed Aimee’s presentation. She educated me about solar without overloading me with irrelevant info. Instead of sharing 17 different options she made an educated recommendation and confident quote based on her many years of experience I could tell she was setting realistic expectations. She was conservative with ROI and installation timeline estimates instead of over promising. The installers were very polite and professional. Operations communicated clearly and set expectations. I can’t imagine a more positive experience and now I have Good Energy in my home!
Mike MonteleoneMike Monteleone
21:17 30 Oct 20
Can't give these guys 6 stars but would if I could. Job came in at contract price and ahead of schedule. Technicians were professional and courteous. Sales rep and main contact, Kevin, went above and beyond. If you've considered solar but... Seattle, call them for the facts.
Dylan CarlsonDylan Carlson
14:25 15 Sep 20
Although I did not select Solterra as my solar contractor, I felt that they deserved an excellent review due to the time and quality customer service they provided me. They helped put my many bids into context and educated me about the products being offered. Ultimately, my distance from Seattle made their bid uncompetitive due to drive time. But they were up front about this and even provided a hypothetical cost estimate if my project was local so that I could evaluate my other bids.Excellent customer service from this company.
Verla VieraVerla Viera
15:54 24 May 20
We flipped the switch this week on our new solar power system! SolTerra was excellent to work with, and we're very happy with our system. There were some glitches and time delays as we went along--no fault of theirs or ours, including my father dying--and they were helpful and communicative all the way. Solar power was completely new to us. From the time we asked for a quote until the project was done, we had a million questions, all answered patiently and in language we could understand. I think the responsiveness is especially admirable given that they work on whole buildings and construction projects, when we're just a little rambler in the suburbs.We don't expect to live in the area for many more years. We are not concerned with that because whatever we don't earn through energy savings, we will probably get back as equity when we sell. Feels great to run on green power!
Robert WilliamsRobert Williams
20:46 16 Feb 20
I sent an inquiry about getting solar installed on our home in North Bothell. Unfortunately, we have two large trees that I'm pretty attached to that didn't make our home a good fit for solar. That didn't stop Emily from providing excellent service and information on our options. Any company that is honest enough to tell you their product isn't a wise investment is good in my book.
23:38 10 Nov 19
Solterra didn't go through the proper permitting process and left me with an additional $60,000 in consultant and mitigation plan fees, refusing to take responsibility for their own contract terms. Highly stressful, beyond disappointing, and grounds for a lawsuit. Go through someone else for your solar power, these guys don't care about you once they have your money.
Jeff LandersJeff Landers
21:39 14 Sep 19
Excellent service and product! I strongly recommend if you are interested in saving money and to fight climate change. If you’re switching from gas furnace to electric with heat pumps, panels help a lot. With the free SolarEdge app, it’s easy and fun to see how much electricity, money, and CO2 you are saving. They even installed our car chargers.
Rob ColeRob Cole
20:29 08 Sep 19
Great communication, administrative staff, and installers! Would highly recommend doing business with SolTerra (in fact, I've already recommended to a few friends).
Bernard CrouseBernard Crouse
23:03 06 Sep 19
We've been up and running for less then a month and we've already "planted" 20 trees and kept over 700 pounds of CO2 out of the atmosphere! All of SolTerra's employees were polite, informative and very professional. We are super happy with our system and wish all of our neighbors would get on board.
Nick RichardsonNick Richardson
23:16 21 Aug 19
I had the pleasure to work at SolTerra for three and a half years and could not recommend the company more highly. SolTerra is very well managed from the top down, and is an awesome place to come into work everyday. Their ethics in business and true concern for what they do make them fantastic to work with.
Alice StiehlAlice Stiehl
17:43 19 Aug 19
SolTerra made the process of getting solar so easy - it really is a turn-key operation. We worked with Colin to design the system and their staff did the install in about 3 days. It took PSE a while to install the production meter, which was frustrating, but out of everyone's control. The monitoring system is easy to use and view our production levels.
Nick GreenawayNick Greenaway
15:23 02 Jul 19
I had an excellent experience with Solterra.Jessa, Neil,& Kathy were very patient with my endless questions, very thorough when i needed info& proactive with the paperwork.The installation crew was quick& professionalI cant say enough good things about Tim & Mason for taking care of an emergent (& potentially catastrophic) issue uncovered in my house wiring unrelated to the solar project. They had everything taken care of very quicklyI have repeatedly recommended Solterra & continue to do so
Ken WinkelmanKen Winkelman
19:36 24 Jun 19
Working with SolTerra was a wonderful experience.I enjoyed working with Kevin C. who designed the system. He explained other options with higher output panels and future expansion. My questions and concerns were answered quickly and office personnel were a joy to speak with. The installation is very neat and clean and everything looks great.I love watching the green mountain (graph)on the SolarEdge app grow each day and see the power that’s being made. Thank you SolTerra! Job well done!
eric gileric gil
06:04 11 Apr 19
This solar installation took very little of my time. Solterra takes care of everything and was really easy to work with.
Scott MackScott Mack
23:00 08 Apr 19
My first encounter with Solterra was by a recommendation of my friend John. He was very happy with the outcome of his Solterra installed solar panel system. I called him because I was working with a solar company called Solnrgy from Nevada who I had gotten in contact with by a postcard in the mail. I had realized at every turn they were disingenuous. Solterra was straight up from the first meeting with Jennifer Monaco representative, and all the way through the entire process. Solterra Rocks!!!
Mike HollinsheadMike Hollinshead
02:45 19 May 18
Nick and team did a great job delivering on our solar project. He broke down the state and federal incentives in a way a normal person can get their heads wrapped around. Our system was installed in three days, and is already producing above projections. One thing I really appreciate - was that Neil and team stepped up and cleaned our panels after install. I wasn't pleased with the initial look of the panels which appeared to have a film on them. Their team reacted to my feedback, reviewed pictures, and had them cleaned at no cost to me - even though that isn't typical for them. It proved to me that they react to customer feedback and take action. Hence my five star rating and recommendation.
Matt SmithMatt Smith
05:44 21 Feb 18
We have nothing but great things to say about SolTerra. Kevin was our sales contact and he was awesome. Very understanding and patient with our questions, he walked us through the whole process. SolTerra makes the build easy. They take care of all the paperwork and permits. They are fantastic with communicating and we never felt out of the loop. Our steep metal roof in January made for a challenging installation, but once a weather window permitted, they were super fast. It only took 3 days. SolTerra is a fabulous company to work with. I highly recommended them to anyone considering going solar. We are very happy with our investment and are proud to know that we are making our own power and doing our part.
Tamera StrandwoldTamera Strandwold
20:27 09 Feb 18
SolTerra has been the best to work with in every aspect of the process of our 27 panel system. We chose to go with SolTerra mostly because of our experience working with Nick Richardson. Nick helped us understand the details of our proposal and was readily available anytime we had questions throughout the process. The rest of the crew was wonderful as well. We received updates leading up to our install date and daily communication on the crews progress and next steps for the following day. The crew was thoughtful and very nice to work with. The electrician made sure to answer any and all of our questions. We had extra electrical work done to accommodate an electric vehicle plug for a faster charge. All in all, our experience was easy and seamless from start to finish. We could not be happier with how everything went and the savings we are enjoying by making our own energy from solar. Thank you SolTerra!
Warren RavenWarren Raven
23:00 27 Jan 18
Companies like SolTerra make me proud to work in the solar industry. I can very confidently recommend SolTerra to anyone who is considering getting solar for their house. I've been working with Nick who has been incredibly knowledgeable and helpful through the whole process..thanks!
Tay BeaumontTay Beaumont
18:35 26 Oct 17
I had so many issues on my end with getting our system put together but Nick, Marisa and Scott were all so patient and helpful through the whole process! They did a great job with the work, with making sure I understood everything that was happening on both their end and mine. The people who came out and installed the panels were highly efficient, very friendly and an absolute pleasure to work with. I really appreciated everything this company did and am exceptionally pleased with the experience overall as well as the results of the project! I will absolutely be recommending SolTerra to anyone in the area who is thinking about going solar.


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